A Refreshing Blend
of Tradition and Innovation

Dixie Leaf@2x

Our brewery is where the magic happens. From our beginnings on Tulane Avenue to our future home in New Orleans East, Dixie Beer continues to honor its local heritage while investing in cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and taste is our steadfast mission.

A Perfected Process

Dixie Leaf@2x

Dixie’s unique brewing process is designed to lift its ingredients to their full potential. Fermented at a warmer temperature than other lagers, Dixie develops a unique and complex flavor profile along with pleasant fruity notes.


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Beer Garden

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Dixie Leaf@2x

Dixie Beer combines technology and tradition to retain that aromatic quality while meeting the most modern brewing standards. After the beer is brewed through the step mash process, it’s left to lager for 28 days. During and after the lagering process, Dixie’s cutting edge lab analyzes samples, checking for uniform color, alcohol content and product consistency. Once it passes lab approval, it’s time for the most stringent test of all – the taste test.

Dixie Facts

Facts - War Plane

Dixie Beer is 112 years old. Our beer has been around through two World Wars, it survived 13 years of Prohibition, and it even managed to find its way back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the original brewery.

Facts - Beer Pint

Every time we brew a batch of beer on our 100 barrel Dixie production system, we make approximately 25,000 pints of beer.

Facts - Beer Can

Our all-new canning line can produce 166 twelve-ounce cans of Dixie Beer per minute.

Facts - Dixie Tower

In January 2020, Dixie Brewery will officially be back home in New Orleans. All will be welcome to tour the brewery and taste the beer on site at our taproom and beer garden.

Tour Our Brewery

Step into our 85,000 square-foot, 100-barrel brewhouse and witness our 100+ year-old process in a whole new way. Our tap room and outdoor beer garden are the perfect settings to enjoy an iced-cold, freshly-brewed Dixie Beer.