Brewing Tradition Meeting Modern Day

Dixie Leaf@2x

Pale malt and rice meet Cascade and Cluster hops for a refreshing, premium beer. Enjoy the evolution of Dixie tradition in every glass, bottle and can.

Our Brews

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Voodoo Series

Dixie Leaf@2x

Crafted by Dixie

Dixie Leaf@2x

True to our Roots But New in Many Ways.

Crisp, Clean, Refreshing

Dixie uses rice, as opposed to corn syrup, as an adjunct (supplement to aid the fermentation process) which lightens the beer and produces a crisp, clean flavor profile.

Malt & Hops

At Dixie, the quality of our ingredients is key. We proudly source our grains from some of the best farms across the United States to produce a perfect batch every time.


Dixie is made with New Orleans in mind. It pairs perfectly with our city’s signature Cajun and Creole dishes, spicy boiled seafood, gumbos and oysters.

As important as the ingredients are to the final product, the brewing process can either make or break it.
Our team is bound by our commitment to maintaining a pristine brewing environment to ensure a perfect product every time.